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I'm a freelance illustrator based in London. Being originally from Puglia, the Heel of Italy, I'm in love with the sun and the sea, which I really miss sometimes, and I recall their beauty in my illustrations with an energetic use of yellow and turquoise. Working with both digital and classic watercolour techniques, I like to combine the two and develop a unique and fresh style. I like to illustrate subjects that make me feel good and to communicate this feeling to those who look at my illustrations. My characters are daydreaming, enjoying their music, feeling good about themselves — as will be anyone who looks at my illustrations. 

My main inspirations are floral motifs and capturing the essence of music, which I love listening to live in tiny hidden music venues around London. 

When I'm not working you can find me there, with my sketchbook and my dancing shoes. In fact, my passion for jazz and swing dance gives a touch of vintage flavour to my colour palette and subjects.